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Global Traceable Down Standard

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NSF can certify all elements of the down supply chain to the new Global Traceable Down Standard (Global TDS). The standard ensures that down in garments and other household and commercial products comes from a responsible source that respects animal welfare and can be transparently traced. Down is a byproduct of the food industry. In this down supply chain, birds may be force fed for foie gras production or even live plucked to get more than one harvest of down from a single bird.

The NSF Global Traceable Down Standard (Global TDS) ensures that down in apparel, household, and commercial products comes from a responsible source that respects animal welfare and can be fully and transparently traced. 

The Global TDS involves a chain of custody component that verifies traceability systems are in place throughout the entire supply chain. Full transparency is required in order to evaluate all levels of the supply chain including parent farms, hatcheries, breeding and intermediary raising farms, slaughterhouses, collectors, down processors, down wholesalers, transport vessels and finished goods factories. NSF will facilitate the supply chain mapping process prior to certification.

The Global TDS establishes a framework for a down supply chain, animal welfare and traceable content claims assurance program. Recognizing the multiple channels brands and suppliers may source from, the standard covers both industrialized supply chains in the food sector, and collector based supply chains involved with multi-family farms. The standard includes criteria for animal welfare and prohibits the practices of force feeding and live plucking.

A third-party audit and compliance program as outlined by this standard can help mitigate risk and expand market acceptance of your products. According to the company, No program goes as far to assure animal welfare, and also provide a manageable process and system for certification.

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