Be part of the most curated destination for sustainable shopping


Be part of the most curated destination for sustainable shopping

How To Start Selling on Impakter

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How to start selling on Impakter FAQs

  • Fashion (Women, Men, Kids): Apparel, Accessories, Footwear
  • Beauty: Skincare, Make-Up, Hairproducts, Toiletries
  • Home: Furniture, Kitchen Accessories, Home Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Living (Cushions, Pillows, etc.), Bedroom Accessories, Gardening, Household Supplies (Cleaning etc.)
  • Food and Drinks: Snacks, Pasta, Cream, Bakeries, Tea, Meals, Condiments, Drinks, Babyfood, Supplements
  • Pets: Petfood, Careproducts, Accessories

At the bottom of the main page of you can find the “Seller Corner” where you can create a new account and find other necessary information. Also, you can contact us via email under: for further information or opening an account. 

The commission is 12.5% on the net price of your sold products plus shipping. 

In the Dashboard you can create a new product under “Catalog” according to the specifications, e.g. if it is a simple product or configurable (color, size, etc.). Find more information in the Seller Guide.

You have to fill in the net price. Country-specific taxes will be calculated on this price by the system and depending on the location of each client. 

Each seller is responsible for providing information on whether they can accept or cancel an order within 48 hours of an order being made in their shop. Sellers may handle their orders in the dashboard’s order area; there are three stages that every seller should follow to fulfill them.

  1. Accept or cancel the order
  2. 2.If you accept, click on invoice and email.
  3. 3.Enter the tracking number and the name of the courier in the appropriate spot for shipment information, and then click on ship.

All sellers must provide information about their shipping and return policies, and Impakter will transact based on this information. For example, if a seller does not have a return policy, they must notify Impakter in advance so that these details can be included in their online shop on the platform; all logistics are handled by sellers.

Yes, there is an option to apply discounts on all or selected products.

Sellers shall issue an invoice to the Vendor on the 10th calendar day of each month for sales from prior month, which shall be paid by Impakter within 10 (ten) business days from the receipt of such invoice. Such invoice shall state gross sales and include a deduction for any Fees incurred during the relevant billing period and VAT arising on sales during the relevant billing period. 

The Dashboard shows you the data of your sales and performance and visualizes it.